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The Lord come to save me before it was to late! So grateful! Hallelujah! Never felt so much love in my life! GLOBAL EVENT: BLOOD MOONS APRIL 2014-SEPTEMBER 2015
From much study and research into this global situation, I believe this video has much documented fact, a minuscule of all that exists, that indicates the detail of events described are very probable and true. Most of America under the censorship of AIPAC-Zionist (owned) Media, have been for many decades brainwashed, it is videos of this sort that will awaken a nation, and very likely one of the two evils will be ended.Vladimir Putin Illuminati? Truth about ISIS, Malaysia Air, WW3
Imagine having ability's to communicate across the planet without a cell phone, to travel without cars or planes, etc., to live without time, to never starve or thirst, to never get sick or feel pains or anxiety's, to never be jealous or competative, to never need money, to love without bounderies and never need to sleep, to travel to distant planets in the blink of an eye, to be happy all the time. Well, it won't happen through any tech we can conceive. But through our creator nothing is impossible if you're wise enough to see Him and all He has made thus far.Cyborgs among us
great a commercial for Ever Dry..... LOL it slices, it dices, and you too can stay dry for 19.95 plus shippingThe Power of Nanotechnology
That would be the false Christs coming. NEW AGE RELIGION Islam + Christianity + Buddhism
Speak on it Kat , there a punch of pagans and there days are numbered ! Katt Williams: Breaking down the Illuminati
why would she be smiling sbout it when she was telling about how he died?????? FAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEKey Witness of TuPac's Death was Murdered
Plus men were less aggressive than in places that didn't Sorry but after the military I had nothing to do but study history, religions, Went to school to master in Psychology and minor in Sociology. I find people interesting Why Hooking Is Illegal
Proof That New World Order is Real in 10 Minutes: That New World Order is Real in 10 Minutes
some interesting points,but there is another point=that the domb of the rock is not on the old temple but on an old roman fortress and the real solomons temple is in the city of david a 1.000 feet away for any one interested type in PITN: Search for the temple. by a guy robert cornukeISIS Annihilated, World War 3 Begins
This is fuckin dumb as shitASTEROID Will Hit Earth in near Future
The "privilege" slur points to the most intense, largest extreme racist group. The other groups, mentioned here are small, poor and do not control education and media (and I do not mean "Jews," I mean believers in the fundamentalist social constructivist ideology. The "social justice" (group guilt) collectivist ideology is authoritarian.).End civilization? If this is civilization then it's worth ending it
Looks like it was filmed in the UK with lucas from eastenders!Key Witness of TuPac's Death was Murdered
Yep that was funny. I don't approve of prostitution but what business is it of mine what 2 consenting adults decide to do? I think we're letting being a civilized government go to our head. Udder Madness. I was married by a minister and divorced by a judge. Started out in a new suit and ended up in a law suit. lolWhy Hooking Is Illegal
what's a NWO?Proof That New World Order is Real in 10 Minutes
Jonah warned Nineveh of imminent destruction but it was given a repreee lasting 120 years before God dealt with it and wiped it out! God is Merciful and Long suffering towards mankind because He knows we are but dust, however \ The Judgments of God are : Long awaited, Commonly rejected, Absolutely certain and Terribly severe!!ISIS Annihilated, World War 3 Begins
You're so full of shit!!! All this stupid gloom and doom. What's your game. If we did get hit by such an asteroid you won't even know it. It would be all over in the blink of an eye. There will not be any place to hide. Why don't you spread what's good for a change instead of all this garbage. Tell you what, You go dig a hole and hide in it. Me,I'm going to enjoy life. In other wards...Fuck Off!!!!ASTEROID Will Hit Earth in near Future
Multi-Culturalism is largely a failure. People who are unwilling to adapt to their environment (surrounding native culture) and instead seek to terraform their environment (spread their foreign culture) are detrimental to the identity of any nation.End civilization? If this is civilization then it's worth ending it
Why are there significantly less gun crimes in European nations that strongly restrict guns? Do We Need Government To Be Safe? Answer inside
So sad she lost her husband like that :'-(Police Brutality in 2015
We knew they would win.Net Neutrality Enables Communist Style Controlled Internet
why the hell on earth was this MH17 commercial plane flying over a war zone in the first place? RIP to all families..Missile downs Malaysia Airlines MH17
why am I not surprised? Gosh what ever happened to letting the people (the little guy) have a piece of the pie? What went so God awful, wrong in my 50 years on the planet, that the ruling elite have decided to wage such brutal and deadly war to enslave all humanity all of the sudden?R.I.P. INTERNET - SOPA/NET NEUTRALITY JUST PASSED
Hello.!! Hello hello!! is that the police, Yeh !! wot you want dude?.. I need some help officer.!!.. Right; we're on our way just sit tight; Ok which one called the cops; Me Officer, BANG.!! BANG!! BANG.!! Ok!! He!!.. Won't be calling the cops again.!!! Now cuff that scum and give him a kickin.!!This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops
our current economic system and the concept of ownership is flawed as well, look into The Venus Project!Do We Need Government To Be Safe? Answer inside

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